Robotic Farm Worker

Robotic farm worker robotics Robotic farm worker robotics
  • Robotic Farm Worker is a multipurpose autonomous vehicle designed for rice paddy crop farms.
  • Body dimension of 1650 mm X1650mm and height of 1750mm.
  • The body is designed for the wheelbase of 1400 mm and ground clearance of 1200mm.
  • The complete structure is made of steel and weighs approximately 220 kg and is designed for the payload of 150 kg.
  • Vehicle is powered by a lithium ion 4kWh Battery.
  • Vehicle is driven by 4 Bldc motors and can achieve a maximum speed of 14 kmph.
  • Vehicle is steered by 4 step servo motors and a holonomic steering mechanism is used.
Robotic farm worker robotics
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