MiniGripper 60


The Grabo Mini is a robotic electro-mechanical gripper. Grabo Mini has a modular feature which enables the use of the same gripper with different jaw configurations. Available jaw configurations are parallel jaw and curvilinear jaw. It’s simple fastening attachment enables you to get attached to any kind of robotic manipulator.

  • The jaws of the Grabo Mini can be easily replaced to fit with different gripping materials.
  • The Grabo Mini is designed so that the actuator can be replaced without easily. This reduces maintenance time and cost.
  • The jaws of different material can be used with the gripper to accommodate various and specialized applications.
  • The attachment of the Grabo Mini is adaptive and can be easily integrated with any other robot.
  • Modular feature of Grabo Mini enables it to adapt to parallel and curvilinear operation.
  • The parts of the Grabo Mini are made out of hard stainless steel where corrosion resistance along with strength and hardness is required, whereas the parts which require strength and low weight are made out of high strength aluminium alloy.
  • The Grabo Mini has precision integrated actuator of renowned technology.
  • The precision machined gears in the Grabo Mini have low backlash which enables it to have high accuracy and precision.
  • Dimensions: 100mm*90mm*48mm
  • Maximum: Curvilinear Stroke (Maximum graspable diameter) 52 mm
  • Minimum: Curvilinear Stroke (Minimum graspable diameter) 18 mm
  • Angular: Stroke 68 Degrees
  • Maximum: Cycle count 60 cycles/min
  • Minimum: Cycle Time 1 s
  • Gripper: Mass 320 grams