Flexible Universal Modular Robot - Namyameet(नम्यमीत)


A Flexible universal modular Robot (FUMoR) helps industries to get a more precise grasp of tiny objects with better repeatability. FUMoR v1.0 is developed mainly for the following operations:
-intelligent and efficient grasping of very small objects such as medicines, cotton balls, paper clips, spoons, and other engineering & medical/surgical components of small size.
-guiding and helping patients and elderly persons at home with their day-to-day needs, such as feeding assistance and medical assistance.

Technical Features
  • Unique design of flexible link in gooseneck structure.
  • Unique design of modularity of the link, gripper and base.
  • Sensor instrumentation of the flexible link.
  • Novel miniaturized gripper with infrared sensor (for object detection).
  • Adjustable base height & vertical positioning of the robot.
  • Easy table top mounted assembly for home & confined works space applications.
  • FUMoR is a single flexible link table mount robot with a payload of 100gms.
  • It has a height of approximately 400mm and the minimum table space required is 600mmX400mm.
  • The complete structure is made of Mild Steel and Stainless Steel and weighs approximately 7 kg.
  • It is fitted with a Nylon miniature gripper for gripping and different sensors. FUMoR consists of two motions.
    1. Transitional Motion : 0- 100mm.
    2. Rotational motion : 0- 360 degree.
  • FUMoR is controlled by Arduino Atmega 2560.
  • 230V Ac 50Hz power input.
  • Maximum Reach-500mm.
  • Maximum height adjustment-100mm.
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