Parallel Manipulator Gripper System

Specificataions :

  1. Type: Geared BLDC
  2. Voltage: 24VDC
  3. Power: 25 W
  4. Rated Torque: 1.26 N-m
  5. Rated Speed: 152 RPM
  6. Reduction Ratio: 27:1
  1. Maximum Roll: 5.3˚(Can be customized as per client’s requirement.)
  2. Maximum Pitch: 5.3˚(Can be customized as per client’s requirement.)
  1. Optimal Motion Control.
  2. Low noise and Vibration.
  3. Economic design with high performance at low power consumption thanks to optimized transmission ratio.
  4. Safe operation.
  5. Easy Installation thanks to bolted mounting at the base.
  6. Completely assembled and tested on delivery.
  7. Easy and low maintenance.
Scope of Supply:
  1. Motion assembly including geared BLDC motor and motion mechanism.
  2. System electronics including motor drivers and supply units.
  3. Documentation including system description, operation and maintenance manuals.