Object counters or product counters are important applications used in industries, shopping malls, etc. They count objects or products automatically and so reduce human efforts.

In Education Module, SVR InfoTech offers motor driven conveyor belt with an object counter facility. The conveyor belt object counter is designed for today's S.T.E.M education. The object counter detects the object passing on the belt and shows the count on the digital display. The system uses Infrared sensor which is controlled by C programmed microcontroller

Features :
  1. High Quality Stainless Steel Chassis
  2. High Precesion & reliable Electronic Devices
  3. Unbreakable Acrylic Body
  4. Good Quality High torque motors
  5. Timing Belts for precise operation
  6. Plastic Timing pulleys with aluminium inserts
  7. Adjustable Distance for object travelling