In Education Module, SVR InfoTech offers electronically driven Maze Robot. The Maze Robot is designed for today’s S.T.E.M education. The robot finds the path in the maze and follow the same. The system uses Infrared sensor/Ultrasound sensor to find the path which is controlled by C programmed microcontroller and the same drives the geared DC motor.

svr maze robot

Features :

  1. High Quality Stainless Steel Chassis
  2. High Precesion & reliable Electronic Devices
  3. Unbreakable Acrylic Body
  4. Long Life Lithium Polymer rechargable battery with over charging protection
  5. Ball Castor Wheels for Smooth ride
  6. Ergonomically Designed wheels body
  7. lock Nuts for reliable fastening
  8. Ultrasonic Sensor or Infrared sensor can be alternatively used