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We at SVR Infotech provide full stack solutions in robotics covering software as well as hardware in various robotics domains including robotic manipulators, mobile robotics, miniature robotics, precision robotics, robotic grippers, hazardous environment robotics, aerial robotics, underwater robotics, IoT, etc.
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Automated Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar with Elevated Temperature Test Provision


At SVR InfoTech, we are developing Automated Split Hopkinson Bar Test Bench with elevated temperature test capabilities. The setup utilizes advance induction heater, which is capable of heating the specimen of the test upto 1000° C within 2 minutes. The induction enables heating of specific small area and doesn’t heat any other surrounding areas. The temperature measurement in the setup is done with a non-contact type IR temperature sensor from a distance of 200 mm. The setup can trigger the test when set specific temperature is reached. The setup utilizes multiple electro-mechanical grippers and linear actuators to achieve automation.

  • Used to determine material properties at dynamic condition
  • Upto 900 C test temperature
  • Automation reduces heat dissipation and temperature loss
  • Training & Practice
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance
  • Search & Rescue
  • Weapon Automation
  • Long Distance Communication, Explosive and Projectile Impact, Ruggedness

5, 6, 7 & 8 Axis Robotic Antenna Characterisation System

  • High accuracy positioners
  • Automatic alignment and measurement
  • On-site measurement
  • Closed loop system for minimum human efforts and error
  • Robot Constriction: 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articulated manipulator with additional two axis for more flexibility
  • Robot Drive: AC Servos with absolute multi-turn encoders
  • Scan Area: Customisable as per the requirements
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