SVR InfoTech is a young organization of young people and creative minds, mentored by industry veterans. Our association with VSSC ISRO is clear pointer to our growth journey as Value Added Partnership for indigenously developed engineering simulation and analysis software FEAST. With this partnership in place, until now we were able to reach more than 1000 engineers and engineering organization to use this software for their engineering and development work within a year. We have trained many engineers on this software. Apart from this We have completed 5000 hours of simulation tasks and solved many engineering problems in the domain of structural analysis, CFD, multibody dynamics, thermal analysis, etc.

SVR Infotech is indigenously researching and developing various robotics and automation products. This includes Multi-Gripper robot, pick and place robotic arms, robotic leech for horizontal pipe inspection, automated Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test bench with elevated temperature provision, miniature grippers, lightweight flexible link robot, force sensor, mobile robots, laser fence, ECG (Easy Cardiograph), and products for Atal Tinkering & Innovation Labs, etc.

The Multi-gripper robot can accommodate various types and shapes of gripper jaws required for various applications. The recent launched "HAST" is next generation robot for many industrial and commercial pick and place applications. HAST is Sanskrit for hand. The HAST is capable of handling a payload of 1.2 kgs and has reach of 702 mm. Various systems for HAST including drivetrain, control program, body, grippers, etc. are developed inhouse by our R&D team. We developed and manufactured the gear train including some of the custom developed gears for this purpose. We also developed the algorithm to achieve the optimal path for the end effector to reach from point A to B.

The flexible link robot developed utilizes very very lightweight carbon-fibre links. The most important basis of the development is to achieve lowest possible weight. The robot is able to reach 1460 mm which is very wide while the weight is only 5.2 kgs. The robot is completely operated by manual controls.

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